Perron Strategy and Design

EXPERIENCE  a.k.a. The Resume

Embedded Consultant
Corporate and Brand Communications  
Northwest Airlines
July 2005 – May 2008

  • Evaluated communications vehicles, community relations and sponsorship functions with a view
    to improving processes and realizing maximum return on NWA investment. Recommendations
    for establishing priorities, streamlining processes, and employing Web 2.0-based information
    intake and response mechanisms to handle more than 1000 inquiries per month reduced need to
    add additional staff.
  • Served as interim manager of sponsorships.
  • Researched, wrote and edited materials relating to such strategic developments as bankruptcy,  
    corporate reorganization, and pending merger.
  • Researched, wrote and edited copy for WorldTraveler magazine, Passages newspaper, nwa.
    com, and RADAR – NWA’s employee Intranet/Extranet sites, and the weekly audio message
    from the CEO. Produced and uploaded the daily online newswire to multiple websites.
  • Researched and monitored online blogs, bulletin boards, and websites to identify and track
    emerging issues affecting NWA.
  • Worked with PR representatives and NWA staff to identify story opportunities at hubs (Detroit,
    Memphis, Minneapolis/St. Paul, Narita and Amsterdam) and in NWA stations throughout North
    America and Asia.
  • Lead consultant on Intranet and Extranet site revisions. Produced and uploaded real-time
    company news updates for Internet, Intranet, and Extranet websites.

Marketing Director
Manager, Community Relations Division
Hennepin County Library
1999 – 2005

Elevated the Library’s public profile, emphasizing its roles in centering the communities as a primary
resource for life-long learning to increase support from customers and funders. Directed marketing,
communications, media relations, literary and arts program development, special events, volunteer
management and library liaison to 26 grassroots Friends of the Library groups.

  • Elevated the Library’s public profile employing a series of community-wide celebrations and
    branded programs to generate significant increases in media placement and public participation.
  • Developed sponsorship strategy to involve multiple corporate, government, and community
    partners in events and branded programming. Involved more than 150 new partners.
  • Managed production of all advertising, promotional and collateral materials.
  • Directed the redesign, and development of new program collateral and support materials to
    enhance branded identity.
  • Developed and managed communications strategies around controversial issues and
    organizational changes to minimize negative media exposure and enhance stakeholder
  • Designed and directed media and stakeholder communications strategies involving frontline
    staff, managers, executives, volunteers and elected officials.
  • Produced County Board presentations regarding budgets, organizational changes, and issues that
    held the potential for public controversy.
  • Developed Strategic Directions: 2000 – 2005, a 5-year plan for library development.
  • Served on Hennepin eLibrary Advisory Board; managed corporate sections of eLibrary website.
  • Managed 10 person staff and a budget of $780,000 plus grants and sponsorships.
  • From 1999-2004, despite a 5% decrease in open hours, library circulation increased by 21% to
    more than 12 million items circulated, Web site visits increased by 450% to 5.3 million, the
    number of volunteers increased by 63% to 1258; registered Friends of the Library increased by
    205% to 2220.

Director, Marketing and Consumer Services
Metropolitan Health Plan
1996 – 1999  

Attracted and retained MHP members/patients for Hennepin County Medical Center and community
clinics, Hennepin Faculty Associates, and Minneapolis Medical Research Foundation. Directed member
services, provider relations, health education, community outreach, communications and product

  • Launched new products for the Medicare and Medicaid markets.
  • Developed and executed marketing public relations strategy positioning MHP as a sponsor of
    key community events to increase awareness and sales among multiple ethnic markets and
    Medicare markets.
  • Initiated direct mail marketing strategy supporting MHP's core product lines. Revised advertising
    strategies, collateral materials, monthly member magazine and publications to build brand equity
    and more clearly focus on core consumers.
  • Launched MHP4Life website.
  • Managed production of all advertising, promotional and collateral materials.
  • Developed media relations strategies that minimized the impact of anti-managed care activists’
    activities on MHP operations.
  • As a member of the HCMC system marketing team, planned clinic openings, fund-raising galas,
    and other projects designed to increase visibility and strengthen relationships with current and
    potential stakeholders.
  • Managed consumer complaint and grievance process to ensure compliance with State and
    Federal regulators.
  • Developed MHP grant making process, guidelines and priorities. Managed MHP grant making.
  • Represented MHP on various boards and committees at the HCMC, county, and state level.
  • Managed 24 person staff and a budget in excess of $1 million. Managed advertising and
    publishing contractor relationships.
  • Exceeded sales projections for new project launches and consistently met projections for

Manager of Public Affairs
The Pillsbury Company
1991 – 1995

Initially, contracted to fill an interim assignment. Hired as manager of public affairs. Managed media
relations and public affairs to maintain and burnish Pillsbury’s public profile as a leading consumer
foods company. Internal customers included the Pillsbury Foundation, Milling, Green Giant Operations,
Food Service, and Business Development. Facilitated corporate communication with industry,
government and community leaders; retail/consumer channels; media and the public.

  • Established productive relationships with local and regional media throughout North America.
  • Worked successfully with national and international media outlets. (E.g. Good Morning America,
    New York Times)
  • Developed media strategies that significantly increased placement in professional and industry
    trade publications targeted to Pillsbury customers as well as industry peers.
  • Brokered a two-week media co-promotion that raised nearly $500,000 for disaster relief.
  • Acted as internal media relations and communications consultant to teams addressing issues
    related to food safety, impact on the environment, legal actions, acquisitions, divestitures, and
  • Developed issues management and crisis communications process that substantially reduced
    negative media coverage related to migrant work force and North American Free Trade
    Agreement and improved employee understanding of the issues.
  • Identified and trained spokespersons from through the corporation to address issues with local,
    regional, national and international media.
  • Managed editorial and production for internal communications vehicles including employee
    publications, collateral materials, and audio news bulletin distributed worldwide.
  • Team member and in-house resource for Pillsbury Foundation strategic planning process.
  • Developed marketing strategies to support foundation, employee and community relations
    initiatives that elevated Pillsbury’s profile as an engaged corporate citizen.

Director of Public Relations and Marketing
Minneapolis Institute of Arts
1988 – 1990   

Repositioned the newly autonomous museum as a more dynamic, visitor friendly, "fun-for-you" as well
as "good-for-you" experience to increase visitor traffic and support from members, volunteers,
government officials and donors. Directed marketing, media relations, advertising and promotions,
visitor services, liaison to Friends of the Institute, and government relations.

  • Managed production of all advertising, promotional and collateral materials. Brought membership
    magazine editorial and production in house with no loss of quality or effectiveness.
  • Designed media relations strategies that increased placement and reshaped coverage; expanded
    television coverage, general news and metro-section placements.
  • Worked successfully with national and international media outlets. (E.g., CBS Sunday Morning,
    International Herald Tribune.)
  • Developed outreach and public relations program strategies to enhance MIA’s relationship with
    the Minneapolis Parks and Recreation Board, City of Minneapolis, Hennepin County, and State
  • Represented MIA on boards and committees, including the Minnesota Citizens for the Arts
  • Designed first strategic planning process for newly autonomous museum.
  • * Executed sponsorship opportunities involving corporate funding and community partners.
  • Developed “Family Day” strategy to draw community members into the Institute
  • Managed full-time staff of six, part-time staff of 10 and a $1 million+ budget.
  • Museum attendance increased by more than 22% annually. One major event exceeded
    attendance and ticket sale projections by more than 50%, drawing more than 225,000 people to
    the museum in an eight-week period.

Director of Strategic Planning
United Way of Minneapolis Area
1987 – 1988

Integrated strategic planning and issues management processes into ongoing operations. Initiated and
facilitated executive-level strategic corporate planning process. Managed crisis communications,
volunteer leadership development, and board member involvement program.

  • Designed and established process to identify, evaluate, and address critical issues relating to
    changes in competition, regulatory controls, and other socio-economic factors likely to affect
    health and human service delivery and United Way.
  • Served as media relations and communications consultant to United Way funded agencies, as
    well as managing issues and crisis communications for United Way.
  • Managed “Broadening the Base” Task Force to research and develop strategies and tactics for
    increasing volunteer and donor participation with a view to increasing fund-raising capacity.
  • Developed "Initiatives for the 90s," creating the platform for launching community-wide
    collaborations, including the nationally acclaimed early childhood development initiative,
    "Success by Six" and United Way’s housing initiative.

Director of Communications
United Way of Minneapolis Area
1979 – 1986

Managed public perception of United Way to retain and enhance support from stakeholder publics
during a period of increased competition. Directed marketing; media and community relations;
corporate and stakeholder communications; advertising and promotion; special events; market research;
crisis communications and issues management.

  • Transformed fund-raising promotions department into full-service year-round marketing division.
  • Initiated new media relations strategies that increased media coverage favorable to United Way
    four-fold over two years.
  • Established continuity guidelines and graphic standards to enhance brand equity.
  • Managed production of all advertising, promotional and collateral materials.
  • Developed strategies that increased placement in corporate publications.
  • Served as member of three person Campaign Development and Management Team.
  • Served as media relations and communications consultant to United Way funded agencies, as
    well as managing issues and crisis communications for United Way.
  • Developed public relations strategies and programs to engage target audiences among
    professionals, corporate executives, government officials, labor unions and educators.
  • Researched, evaluated, and executed sponsorship opportunities involving corporate, foundation,
    and community partners
  • Launched “United Way at Work” to establish corporate volunteer and community involvement
    programs, expand year-round workplace education programs, and launch employee volunteer
    and contributions committees in major corporations.
  • Managed full-time staff of eight, seasonal team of 16 - 24 staff and a budget of $1.2 million.
  • Mounted multifaceted promotional programs and target market outreach projects supporting
    annual fund-raising campaigns that, on average, outperformed all comparable United Way
    campaigns nationwide.


Bachelor of Arts,
Macalester College, St. Paul, MN:
Core Concentration in advertising. National Merit Scholar.

Continuing Professional Education:  Includes additional course work in management, strategic planning,
marketing, communications, public speaking, copyright protection, accounting principles, human
resource management, and training development.