Perron Strategy and Design

A few comments about the work

"Nancy is a wonderfully experienced, capable person. She is the kind of person
that is too rare in the business world: the kind to whom you can entrust large and
complex projects with absolute confidence that they will be handled not just well
but appropriately. The distinction is subtle, but it means not just competence but
an understanding of context, nuance and cultural norms. In addition, she is calm,
funny and thoroughly enjoyable to be around. Nancy is an asset to any
organization she joins and I actively look for opportunities to engage her in my
company's accounts.”

Jon Austin , Principal
The Same Rowdy Crowd

“Nancy is a proven asset for any communications department. I worked with and
for a time, supervised her work during an extremely intense period of
communications challenges for Northwest Airlines. During the summer and fall of
2005, as fuel prices continued to rise and labor relations were stretched to the
breaking point, our priority was to provide effective communications to several
audiences, especially NWA employees in a variety of labor groups.
Simultaneously, we needed to maintain trusting relationships with customers and
communities. In this environment, Nancy quickly researched complex topics and
produced clear written communications across a broad range of topics. She also
provided valuable counsel, aptly applying years of experience in other
businesses to ask the right questions and push for logical solutions.”

Jeff Smith , Director - Corporate Communications
Northwest Airlines

“I both hired and supervised Ms. Perron from 1999 to 2004. During our time of
working together, Ms. Perron transformed marketing and communications at the
Hennepin County Library – one of the nation’s leading public libraries – to new
heights: designing and coordinating the largest library dedication/opening in the
library system’s history (the opening of the Ridgedale Area Library in fall 1999),
winning the acclaimed John Cotton Dana Award for Library Public Relations in
2001 (the Library system’s first – and one of the most prestigious awards in the
Library field, and creating a systemwide approach to public relations and
communications that I believe is still being used by the organization today. Ms.
Perron is an outstanding writer and perhaps the most consummate PR
professional that I have encountered in my 30th year career.” December 22, 2008

Charles Brown , Director of Libraries  
Public Library of Charlotte and Mecklenburg County